Cheyenne Field Archers

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Position Name Phone Email
President Greg Wooden 308 641-1630
Vice-President Charlie Hersch 814 442-9294  
Treasurer Monica Mallon
307 214-7926
Secretary Judy Wooden
308 631-9917
Membership Mike Lancaster 307 634-5320
Got a question about membership? Contact Mike.
Youth Representative Jadeyn Ocheskey    
Have a youth related question or suggestion? Contact Jadeyn.
JOAD Director Kent Ketterling 307 214-6281
After 5:30 PM Weekdays
Have a question about the JOAD Program for kids? Contact Kent.
Scholarship Committee Chair Lora Ketterling 307 640-2926
After 5:30 PM Weekdays
Deadline for Applications is April 1st
Have a question about CFA Scholarships? Contact Lora.
Board Member Mat Rusk    
Board Member Kelly Thornbury    
Board Member Dan Conrad  
Board Member Richard Thompson    
Board Member Jennifer Oschesky    
Alt. Board Member Jim Mallon    
Alt. Board Member Myron Reed    
Webmaster Gary Cox 307 256-1298