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2008 Officers

Dan Conrad

Vice President
Rick Ginter

Joel Meena

Renee Krawiec

Board Members
Mike Lancaster
Doug Morgan
Randy Burtis
Bob Graham
Troy Krawiec


3-D Tuesdays

Sunday Targets
4:00 pm

9 am to noon

Work Party
None scheduled

Have Bow, Will Go


The November board meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm on the 3rd of November, 2008. The President and board members Burtis and Morgan were absent. A quorum was reached and business commenced.

Treasurers Report

No report due to inactivity on the financials. No Discussion on the big money that the club is owed in refunded sales tax. The president is working on collection of this debt. Motion to approve with no opposed.


A work party is scheduled for Wednesday Nov. 5th to lower the backstop. This has already happened by the time you read this. The lowering of the back stop may make the target butts last longer.

Target shoots are scheduled for the 9th of Nov., 14th of Dec., 11th of Jan., and 15th of Feb. See attached flier.

State target indoor shoot will be March 7th & 8th at our range.

Triple Crown dates are Jan. 24th, Feb. 28th and Mar. 28th.

Lies and Fries, Trad shoot and swap meet will be on December 6th. The weather will be so bad out on this day that an all day indoor event will be perfect. See attached flier.

The Annual meeting is scheduled for Jan 10th at 5:00 pm. The complete agenda will be in next months newsletter. Several big topics will be discussed and voted on such as; not allowing indoor broad head shooting, 2009 budget, senior discount on annual dues, criteria for lifetime memberships, officer and board member voting. Raising your dues to cover air conditioning was a joke. I apologize to all the members with thin skin that made me aware this was a bad idea. Please mark the date on your calendar.

The floor will painted next year. Fumes from the paint require painting to be a summer well ventilated project.

Meeting adjourned 7:30 pm

230 members!!!

Next Board meeting December 1st, 7:00 pm