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2005 Officers

Neal Perkins

Vice President
Mike Calaway

Todd Cross

Randy Burtis

Board Members
Steve Arnold
Justin Beach
Dan Conrad
Jason Mayle
Butch Rupert

Have Bow, Will Go


The regularly scheduled March meeting was held on the 6th. All Officers and Board members were present except Steve Winchell (excused). Also attending were nine club members and a state parks representative.

Treasurer's Report: A copy is posted on the bulletin board.

Last months Rabbit Shoot had 5 teams. The winning team consisted of Roger, Kyle, Matt, and Nick. They shot 32 cottontails and 7 jack rabbits. Second place went to Rick, Bob, Troy, and Gary who shot 40 cottontails. Third place with 33 cottontails went to Cory, Dave, Jordan, and Cody. Past President, Sonny Cross, indicated that this was the most rabbits ever shot during this event. A big thanks goes out to the organizers, volunteers, and hunters.

The February Triple Crown had 118 shooters. This is the highest number of shooters at a second leg of the Triple Crown. Club winners were; John Wilson, John Notgrass, Carl Pacheco, Justin Tharp, Bob Graham, Polly Cross, Stephanie Perkins, Kevin Tharp, Amy Perkins, and Kayla Dougherty. Good job!!! The Friday night line was a fantastic success. The third leg will also have a Friday night line beginning with a 6:15 registration and 7:00 start. Steve Arnold will make an additional bow rack to handle the large numbers of bows at the shoots. The final leg of the Triple Crown will be the 25th and 26th of March. The club has made over a $1,000 from the first two legs.

A Turkey calling seminar by PRIMOS will be held March 21st at 7:00pm at the range. If you were lucky enough to draw a tag show up and get some expert advice about talking to longbeards.

JOAD will be using the club April 10th for a JOAD rotational tournament. The indoor range will be closed most of that day.

CFA will be hosting the State Field shoot at Curt Gowdy range. The shoot will be held the 9th and 10th of July. The range needs some grounds work. Help will be needed come May.

The State Park representative indicated that the Bowhunters Weekend dates have been secured by the Club. Fees for camping were also discussed. CFA would like a break on these fees. The Representative indicated that a letter must be sent to the Director of State Parks stating the clubs desires and reasons. The Club's position is that a decrease in fees is being sought because our shoot is the biggest event they had last year. The Representative also indicated that the State Parks have new rules that kegs are allowed by permit only and all glass containers are prohibited.

Butch Rupert re-introduced the idea of co-hosting a Rhinehart 100 tournament. He indicated that the Laramie club may have some interest in a joint venture. Advertising, targets, registration, and administration will all be taken care of by Rhinehart. The two day shoot costs $40/shooter and has no pay back. Butch Rupert and David Hays have 6 volunteers to help work the event. The shoot, if available, would be in 2006.

Joel Meena indicated that a rough draft of the Club's new bylaws is being prepared. Any revision must be approved at the annual meeting. Stay tuned.

The club approved a $100 request by Dan Valerius to purchase materials and begin the building of plaques for BowHunters Weekend. Dan has done an outstanding job making all the kids trophies.

The concrete pad and sidewalk projects will require about 28 cubic yards of concrete. The club needs experienced concrete forming and finish workers. If you can help out please let your board members know.

Next meeting will be April 4th at 7:00 PM. Plan to attend.

BOW report - Try to attend the G&F hunting season setting and regulations meeting March 31st, 7:00 pm at WYDOT’s auditorium. New CWD regulations may effect how you take home your game. Also, a proposal to close 3 moose areas will be discussed. Think about this - if wolves and grizzlies would have been managed - would closing are hunting areas be necessary?

Presidents Message

Wow how time flies. Bear and turkey seasons are just around the corner, are you ready?

With the bunny shoot and second leg of the Triple Crown under our belts, it’s time to start planning the Bowhunters Weekend. This shoot has always been one of the Club's largest fund raisers. With costs rising (utilities, targets, insurance, etc.) the only way to keep dues at a minimum is through fund raisers. You can help offset these bills by obtaining donations. It works like this - at the shoot, CFA advertises any business (or other interested party) that either donates a minimum of $55.00 or purchases a whole target. Donor's that purchase a target receive the advertising for the life of the target. If you know a business that might be interested, please give myself or Joel Meena a call.

There will be a few changes to the Bowhunters Weekend this year. The Club will no longer provide alcohol (as part of our insurance coverage). You may still bring your own but you must follow State Park rules (glass containers are not allowed). We are thinking about having a Friday line to help lessen the load on Saturday. This year's shoot will be one arrow per target instead of three, with 10, 8, 5, and 0 scoring. The club will be looking for volunteers to set up, tear down, registration, and sell raffle tickets and tee shirts. Please join in and enjoy the fun of being a part of this great shoot. Remember the money we make is used to compensate for the higher costs of day to day operations. Good luck hunting.