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2009 Officers

Mike Hoover

Vice President
Mac Wilson

Renee Krawiec

Stephanie Perkins

Board Members
Mike Lancaster
Bob Day
Dan Valerius
Al Tharp
Tim Whetsell


Tuesday 3-D

Sunday Targets

9 am to noon

Work Party

Triple Crown
Jan. 24th
Feb. 28
March 28

Blue Face Feb 15

State Indoor
Mar 7 & 8

Have Bow, Will Go


President's Corner

I would like to thank the out going Board of Directors for all their hard work this last year. I would like to comment on a couple of items. CFA has one of the best privately owned ranges in the Rocky Mountain region. So take PRIDE in YOUR RANGE. Please take the time to remove your target when done shooting and if you see that the floor needs swept...Please sweep it or trash needing emptied....Please empty it. If we all do just a little it goes a long way. Additionally this range is maintained and operated by paying members, so if you are bringing people in to shoot or instructing archery, ensure that after the 3rd time they are paying the $2.00 fee or better yet encourage them to join the nicest archery range in the State of Wyoming. I will also be looking forward to seeing more members coming out to participate in all CFA's events. Again this is your club and the more you are involved the better it is for all. Congratulation to Bob Day for receiving the CFA Archer of the Year award. Bob and Mary Jo Day have been instrumental in running the target tournaments and Sunday leagues. Thanks to those who helped in setting up for the annual banquet. I would like to thank those individuals that have come forward to serve on this year's Board of Directors.

CFA President
Michael Hoover

Secretary Note: If you have an item that you would like discussed at the monthly meeting, please email it to me at tanyahide@hughes.net or call (307) 640-2801, no later than Friday prior to the Board Meeting and I will make sure it is added to the agenda. Thank you!

Renee Krawiec, CFA Secretary

Annual Meeting

The Annual meeting was called to order at 6:23 pm on the 10th of January, 2009. Board member Morgan was absent as well as officer Meena. A quorum was reached and business commenced. There were approximately 20 or so members present.

Treasurer's Report & Old Business - Annual Meeting

Treasurers Report

A copy of the 2008 treasurer's report and approved 2009 budget is available at the range. There was a motion to approve both the treasurer's report and budget, passed with no opposed. The treasurer's report was approved as written and the 2009 budget was approved with two changes.

Old Business

THANK YOU to all that helped in 2008!! 450 tournaments are going well. Thank you to everyone that helped with the recent building items - all the walls were painted, the lights were changed, and the target butts on the back wall were lowered in hopes to help the butts to last longer. Thank you to Dan Conrad for getting the club's tax exempt status.

New Business - Annual Meeting

Senior Discount - It was proposed that we offer a senior discount, but after discussion and a show of hands it was decided not to single out seniors. No senior discount will be offered, however the board will hear, on a case-by-case basis, any proposals for a hardship scholarship for those in need of help with membership fees. If you know of someone that may qualify for a hardship scholarship, please bring your proposal to a board meeting.

Lifetime Membership - In the past the Board has voted to give lifetime memberships to those that went above and beyond to help the club. It was proposed that we create criteria to give lifetime memberships to members that go above and beyond to help the club. After much discussion, there was a motion to no longer give away lifetime memberships (as fair criteria could not be created), the motion was seconded and passed with no opposed.

Indoor Broadhead Shooting - This subject was brought up at several board meetings, as much damage was done to the target butts in 2008 from broadheads being shot at these targets. After much discussion at this annual meeting it was voted that the club will continue to allow broadhead shooting in the range and the club will provide a broadhead target, however members are still VERY encouraged to bring their own broadhead targets. There was a motion to change the rule regarding broadheads to the following: IF YOU ARE CAUGHT INTENTIONALLY SHOOTING BROADHEADS INTO NON-BROADHEAD TARGET(S) YOUR MEMBERSHIP WILL BE REVOKED FOR ONE YEAR FROM THE DATE OF THE INCIDENT. TO BUY BACK YOUR MEMBERSHIP, YOU MUST PAY A @250 DAMAGE FEE PLUS YOUR MEMBERSHIP FEE. MEMBERS THAT BRING A GUEST(S) WILL BE ACCOUNTABLE FOR GUEST(S) INFRACTIONS OF THIS NATURE. MEMBER AND GUEST(S) WILL BE BANDED FOR ONE YEAR FROM INFRACTION. The motion was seconded and passed.

Used Targets for Sale - Bullseye in Laramie has twenty-one 3-D targets for sale at $0.75 on the dollar. It was proposed that the club buy these targets, as this is a great price and would save the club money. After discussion, it was decided that the Board can check out the condition of the targets and use the 2009 budgeted 3-D funds to purchase the targets if they feel it is worth it.

Old Target Butt Drawing - Congratulations to all the winners of the old target butts.

2009 Elections - The elections were held and the new board and THANK YOU to the outgoing board.

Archer of the Year - Congratulations to Bob Day, 2008 Archer of the Year!!

Board meeting scheduled for Monday January 12, 2009 @ 7 pm. Annual Meeting adjourned 8:15 pm.

January Board Meeting

The January board meeting was called to order at 7:04 pm on the 12th of January, 2009. Board members Lancaster was absent and all officers were present. A quorum was reached and business commenced.

New Business

Triple Crown - Plan of action was discussed. We will start setup for the first leg of the Triple Crown on Friday, January 23rd @ 3 pm. Please email Mac Wilson at wild.horse@bresnan.net if you are able to help with the setup. Thank you in advance for your help.

Restrooms - If you notice that the restrooms need attention, please let a board member know.

Range Maintenance - A list has been started to address range maintenance needs. If you have observed any range maintenance needs, please let a board member know so that we can add it to the list.

Weekly Leagues - Come and join us for any of the weekly leagues. This is a great way to keep your archery skills sharp and have fun with fellow archers. Look for new and exciting changes to the structure of the leagues to add some more fun, fun, fun!!

Archery in the Schools - It was proposed that we do what we can as a club to help promote archery in the schools. With that said, we are going to start by inviting Jim Dawson, Hunting Educator Coordinator, to speak to the club.

Paper Targets for Sale - Just so you know, we do sell paper targets for $0.50 each. See a board member if you would like to buy a target.

Range Keys - It was moved that we do not issue range keys to general members. Second and passed, no opposed.

Meeting adjourned 8:13 pm.

Big Game Awards

Randy Burtis presented the Big Game Awards. Congratulations to the following hunters:

  • Rob Sherman - Elk
  • Stephanie Perkins - Bear
  • Neal Perkins - Mule & Whitetail Deer, Antelope
  • Joel Meena - Elk, 2 Whitetail Deer, Antelope
  • Ron LeBeaumont - Elk
  • Anita Huber - Deer, Antelope
  • Bob Graham - Whitetail Deer
  • Mac Wilson - Elk
  • Jerr Marshall - Mule Deer
  • Rick Parish - Elk, Mule Deer, Bear, 4 Hogs
  • Kenny Mure - Mule Deer
  • Dan Conrad - Antelope
  • Rick Ginter - Hog
  • Paula Bean - Antelope
  • Al Tharp - Antelope
  • Randy Burtis - Elk, Mule & Whitetail Deer, 2 Hogs


The lock on the range will change to the BLUE card on the first Saturday of February (7th). If you have not paid your 2009 dues, you will need to do so prior to this date as your YELLOW card will no longer work after this date.

234 members!!

Next Board meeting February 2nd, 7:00 pm