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2007 Officers

Dan Conrad

Vice President
Gerald Dickson

Neal Perkins

David Clabaugh

Board Members
Rick Ginter
Mike Lancaster
Jason Mayle
Kenny Moore
Doug Morgan

Have Bow, Will Go


The annual meeting was held on the 6th of January. All Officers and Board members were present except Steve Arnold and Rick Ginter. Also attending were 70 plus club members.

Treasurers Report: A report is posted at the club.

The Club's small savings account will be closed and funds transferred to the checking account. The Club's larger building savings account and checking account will not change. Additional funds will also be placed in CDs.

By-Laws Changes:
A. Changes made to the by-laws must be posted in the newsletter no less then two times before the membership votes on them at the annual meeting.
B. Vice President is to be added to the bank signature card.

Leagues: Jackpots at leagues are not to be taken from registration, but are to be ran separately. Archers need not participate in the jackpots to shoot. Income from all leagues is used to offset Club operating costs to help keep memberships down. In the future, 25% of league money may be used to upgrade targets used in leagues.

Bowhunters of Wyoming: The Club will donate a jacket to be raffled at the BOW Winter meeting.

Archer of the Year: This award is not for the best shot in the club, or for the person that has harvested the most animals. This award is for the folks that go the extra mile for the club. This years archer of the year goes to John Wilson for all the time devoted to helping youth get started in archery. Congratulations John.

2007 Club Officers: New officers are to the left.

The card reader at the club will be changed out in February. All members that have renewed will receive their new cards before changing.

Thanks go out to the Lake family for fixing the milk can dinner at the annual meeting. The food was great. Also a big thanks to the little elf that cleaned the clubs parking lot (we know who you are).

An orientation meeting was held January 8th at 7:00 Pm. The meeting was called by the new president to bring new board members up to speed with upcoming events. Attendees: Dan Conrad (President), Neal Perkins (Secretary), David Clabaugh (Treasurer), Jason Mayle, Kenny Moore, Mike Lancaster, Doug Morgan (Board Members), Sonny Cross (Past President), and Polly Cross (Past Secretary)

Neal Perkins indicated that he would put together a 2007 JOAD agreement for the Club. No changes from previous agreements are anticipated.

Western Bank papers were signed by the attending officers for the accounts.

Neal Perkins indicated that he ordered the 2007 card lock and card keys.

A short discussion was held concerning 3D targets. Consensus was that any existing Mackenzie target should be used as soon as possible. Also, targets should be prioritized and marginal ones should be used up first. Inventory is also needed to get target types, quantity, and quality.

Triple Crown:
-Neal Perkins was given permission to look for raffle items for the Triple Crown. Total cost of the raffle item(s) should be in the $125 range (for each triple crown leg).
- Sonny Cross showed a new plaque for the kid’s awards at the triple crown. 13 are ready to go except lettering.
- Sonny and Polly Cross indicated that past triple crown participants have been notified about the 2007 Shoot’s dates and times. Some additional flyers will be distributed to other clubs and archery shops. The event is posted on the Club’s and WSAA websites.
- A discussion of tournament rules was held. The Club will allow verifier/clarifier peeps in all classes (excluding traditional). Robin Hooded arrows will be scored the same as the one in the target. Arrows that glance off other arrows will be scored where the arrow lands and not the value of the arrow it glanced off of.
- The Club will try to offer something along the lines of water, chips, cookies, candy bars. Mike Lancaster is in charge of details.

BowHunter Weekend:
- Discussion on target/sign donors was held. Emphasis was placed on having people start as soon as possible getting donations.
- Discussion was also held on contacting the Curt Gowdy superintendent ASAP to see about reserving the area.
- It was felt that last year’s Concessions were good and that the Club should contact the same people about performing it again this year.

The range at Curt Gowdy needs some work. It was decided to look into different hay bail types to supplement the existing ones.

Tuesday and Thursday 3D leagues, and Sunday target leagues are all running. Take some time to attend and catch the fun.

Photos of any archery event, archery hunting or club functions are needed. Please email the photos to the webmaster found at www.cheyennefieldarchers.com.